Show Host/Hosts: Pastor Bill Shisko

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A Visit to the Pastor’s Study

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What inspired you to host your own radio program?I have done programs like this since beginning my pastoral ministry over 37 years ago. This weekly program on WLIE radio is part of my work as Regional Home Missionary for the Presbytery of Connecticut and Southern New York or the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Advice you would give your listeners?

Listen and call! (631) 955-5400. You will find this English program on WLIE to to be a “broadcast magazine article” full of content, relevant to today’s issues, and very fast paced.

What can listeners expect from your show?

You will learn about the application of the Christian faith to issues pertaining to your life, your family life, your local church, and the church’s mission in the world today. The program brings biblically based pastoral ministry right into your home!

Any previous media history?

I have done telephone talk radio work since my teenage years in northeastern Connecticut where I began working in radio on WINY. I have done radio work in South Carolina, and also on WMCA, a Salem Communications station. I also do a “Visit to the Pastor’s Study” segment for the weekly news program “Holding All Things Together” on the Redeemer Broadcasting network of stations.