Show Hosts:

Mark Rosenman & A.J. Carter

Show Name:

Sports Talk NY

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What inspired you to host your own radio program?

(Mark): Did sports talk radio in the late 70’s then life and kids took over, now that my kids are adults, like Rocky 1000 or what ever number it was I have that fire in my belly (could be acid reflux ) to return to the radio.

(A.J.):The radio bug bit me 44 years ago, when I discovered the college radio station and spent a good part of my four years in college dealing with almost all of the non-musical programming. Fast forward four decades, when Mark Rosenman asked me to co-host SportstalkNY on Internet television — after years of co-coaching travel baseball with him — I jumped at the chance. Now I’m finally back where I feel I belong, with my hair a little grayer and my outlook a little more jaded, but still excited about how radio reaches people wherever they are, safely and without the need for hands-free devices.

If you could travel the world at no cost, where would you go?

(Mark): Follow the NY Rangers and Ny Mets , Ny Jets for an entire season to each and every game. (my wife won’t look at this website ..will she ? If she does anywhere My wife wants to go!)

(A.J.):Probably Eastern Europe, to retrace my heritage, or along Route 66 to connect with the Middle America from the movies and TV shows of my youth. Catching some minor league baseball games along the way wouldn’t be so bad, either.

Advice you would give your listeners?

(Mark): Tune in each and every week, we are the Sports Talk show with a difference, great guests, great beat reporters, and we value our audience not like some talk show hosts on some other stations that will go unnamed.

(A.J.):Join us in the conversation. It’s a lot more fun for all of us if we can exchange observations. And expand your horizons to the whole spectrum of sports (not just hockey, Mark): golf, basketball, football, jai alai, curling, roller derby, 43-man Squamish. We’ll talk about them all.

A few of your favorite things?

(Mark): Mets, Knicks, Jets, Rangers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Heroes, Lost, Law and Order, House, Field of Dreams, Mark Messier, Jaromir Jagr, Mike Piazza, Dr. J, and David Wright.

(A.J.): all baseball, but especially the Mets; college basketball, even the regular season and not just the NCAA tournament; Knicks,Jets and old movies, especially obscure old sports movies (does anybody remember “Rhubarb,” about the cat that inherited a baseball team, or “The Fireball,” the roller derby movie with Mickey Rooney and Marilyn Monroe, or Ronald Reagan as Grover Cleveland Alexander in “The Winning Team?”)

Any previous media history?

Mark Rosenman is no stranger to sports talk as he was a long time host on WGLI’S The Mighty 1290 Monday Night Sports. Mark is a long time Ranger season ticket holder, who brings his passion and knowledge of the Blueshirts every show. In addition he has had seasons tickets to Mets, and has been a travel coach in both baseball and hockey for over 11 years. After a successful four year run on internet TV, Mark is excited about bringing the same quality program on a weekly basis to WLIE 540 AM. He also is one of the NY Rangers beat reporters for Inside Hockey, and can be heard on many of Coach Tortorella’s post game pressers.

A.J. Carter’s involvement in sports journalism dates back four decades, to his stint as sports director at radio station WBRS-FM and his three years as the Voice of Brandeis Basketball, broadcasting the play-by-play of Brandeis Judges basketball games. A.J. spent almost 34 years at Newsday, including seven as the deputy sports editor. Among his other sports credentials are twice winning the Newsday NCAA tournament bracket pool and the NFL “one and done” pool. A.J. has also appeared as a regular on radio station WBAB and on News 12 Long Island.