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WLIE 540 AM Broadcast Services

WLIE 540 AM Broadcast Services

Block Programming:
Block programming is available for independent producers and show hosts interested in starting their own programs in any foreign language or English.

Block programming is also available for Religious organizations.

Commercial Announcements:
Commercial announcements are available through WLIE 540 AM as well as independent producers of our radio programs.

Customized Marketing Programs:
WLIE 540 AM can put together customized marketing programs for your business, products, or services for practically ANY size budget.

For more information and rates for customized marketing programs, please call our business office at (631) 580-0540, email, or contact:
Angel Rivas (617) 799-3978

We also offer:

  • International Hit Music
  • Variety of Specialty Programs
  • Various Community Programs throughout the day focusing on the local underserved ethnic communities
  • Professional Specialty Programs


More About WLIE 540 AM

WLIE 540 AM is the Most-Listened-To International radio station in the United States!

We are proud to be the Tri-State Area’s ONLY 24/7 International radio station, with 10,000 watts of power and the strength & clarity to get your message heard by the ENTIRE Tri-State (NY-NJ-CT) area!

If you’re an independent producer or show host and would like to find out how to get your radio program on WLIE 540 AM, call us today at (631) 580-0540, or email us with your contact information to

If you’re a business owner that would like to promote your business product or service to the fastest-growing, best-educated, and most affluent market segment in America…call us today at (631) 580-0540.